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Meet the Team

Nik Bakti

Course faculty

Part time orthopaedic surgeon, full time geek. In his free time, he peruses literature, internet for gadgets to make everyday life simpler and more efficient. Has published various innovations and quality improvement projects in healthcare using simple IT solutions. Lives life to the motto of “simplicity is the truest form of elegance”..


Junaid Sayani

Course faculty

I'm an orthopedic trainee in KSS. I believe that IT can improve efficiency both in personal life as well as healthcare. I'm experienced in database design and development for advanced applications and also for day-to-day work.



Mustafa Alnaib

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MediOS Founder

Mustafa is an Orthopaedic Surgeon with a passion for IT. He started coding at the age of 8!. Experienced in database development, web design, VB, MS Access, SQL, He has developed METAL trauma database and e-VFC (Virtual Fracture Clinic database). He's a Microsoft Office Specialist and educator, certified management consultant, an online tutor for the RCSEd's Masters degree and Telemedicine expert.


Tony Antonios

Course faculty

IT has hit the medical field by a storm and we are now very reliant on it. Quickly realising this fact, I sought to develop my IT skills from the early days of my medical career. As an orthopaedic surgeon, I have conducted many projects and have published widely in the medical literature. All of this needed a vast knowledge in IT skills, especially programs that use statistical tests. I may not be an IT geek but I am certainly pragmatic when it comes to utilising my IT skills at work.


David Gee

Course faculty

David is completing his foundation training. He is a self taught designer and programmer. He writes in VB, VBA, JavaScript, C & Swift and creates apps alongside his work. He believes that technology should seek to push the boundaries of healthcare rather than just digitise it and is always looking for his next idea.



Kal Vadi

Course faculty

Kal is a third-year medical student currently studying at Keele University, School of Medicine. He achieved his BSc Hons. at St Georges, University of London in 2017.

He is extremely passionate for IT and has experience in Excel and website builders such as WiX and GoDaddy. He looks forward  to the years ahead with  MediOS.


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